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24 June 2016

Calling all lovers of the electric toothbrush and wholly rounded consumable information gadget enthusiast; this article is for you.

Over the past decade we have seen the technology industry advance astronomically. In fact it’s changed that fast it’s hard to believe that we once (early 2000s) had to wait 10 minutes for the internet to fire up, only to be disconnected 3 minutes later when someone wanted to use the house phone.

These days a 10 second wait for an app to load is at least 8 seconds to long for our impatient need for the consumption of information.

The world is at our finger tips and it has never been so easy to stay connected, informed and in control of what content you choose to digest and share among peers. It’s becoming so easy in fact that there is an increasing demand for more. We’re thirsty for information which allows us to form an opinion and then voice it on as many platforms as psychically possible all delivered and consumed as a direct result of technological advances.

The bathroom market has lastly acknowledge the need for such demand and has started to make strides in combining consumable information technology with traditional fixtures and fittings. Here’s our top 4 advancements of the present day:

Digital Shower Controls with Integrated Speaker Head.

Long gone are the days of the ‘traditional’ digital shower which, at best, would have the potential to remember temperature pre-set’s and maybe preferred flow disperses. Now we’re seeing showers that support phone applications allowing for real time news and notifications to be relayed through the integrated speaker head and touch screen digital display with the potential for real time responses in the not so distant future.

A pioneering advancement for sure however you now not only get the above but the existing ‘higher-end’ options also come as standard. Temperature pre-set’s, flow disperse preferences, allocated showering time for water control & bill management and audio technologies with DAB radio capabilities as well as blue tooth connectivity. It’s new, it’s exclusive (and expensive) its showerazing!

Smart Tap.

Introducing the intelligence tap, perfect for those that are tired of having to turn the tap on and off. This remarkable piece of kit uses facial recognition to automatically identify different pre-set users to adjust the water temperature and flow to personal tastes.

Not only that, the touchscreen technology allows users to access emails, weather forecasts, reminders and diaries, news items and facilitates the sharing of such all while brushing your teeth.

Wi-Fi Scales.

Historically bathroom scales haven’t been known for their charm, however with latest advancements in fitness applications, healthy lifestyles and a certain need for self-gratification with regards to sharing you latest run conquest on your chosen social networking platform Wi-Fi scales may be more successful than you may originally think.

These hi-tech scales measure your weight (nothing ground breaking there then), BMI and body fat percentage and tracks it wirelessly meaning you are able to access all your measurements from your phone, computer or iPad. The scales also allow for app integration meaning you can tracking your results alongside your chosen fitness / diet app, earning ‘reward badges’ (free additional extras). Social integration is also possible meaning you can share your results with your network, if you dare.

Mirror TV.

Two way bathroom mirrors are the future. No really, imagine being able to get ready in the morning with a constant stream of news & information vibrating around 4 tiled walls? You’d literally never feel out of the loop again. Granted this advancement maybe more advantageous to woman *ahem*, but male or female it has many benefits for both.

Furthermore the future looks even brighter for this nifty bathroom gadget which is set to incorporate interactivity in the very near future. Personalised vlogs (video blogs) helping woman apply make up in a perfectly illuminated setting, facial recognition which is set to change the health care industry with regards to skin products, make-up products (colour tones & pallets in particular) and health checks (referenced yet unknown) and the ability to video call friends and family members.

All in all it’s safe to say we’re excited to see what the future holds and even more so to be given the opportunity to design, supply and install what we’re calling ‘bathrooms of the future’. In the meantime, if a more present day bathroom refurbishment is what you’re looking for then get in touch, we’re always here and happy to help and advice on any questions or queries you may have with the added bonus of a free design & quote service.

MoreBathrooms, part of the Passmore family, is a Leeds based bathrooms by design specialist. Whether you require a complete bathroom solution or a bathroom renovation MoreBathrooms offer bathroom design incorporating expert knowledge and advice in all themes, ranges and styles as part of their complete supply & installation service.

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