Wet Room Misconceptions - the most misjudged and misunderstood showering solution of all time.

26 July 2017

Growing in popularity at a rapid rate, thanks to the multi-generational appeal; stylish & luxurious however safe, practical and easy to use, the wet room is still the most widely misjudged and misunderstood showering solution of all time.

However versatile in use and application the educational conversation required in order to enlighten those who would benefit from such an elaborate bathing concept is usually long winded and technically driven.

Time after time we, as wet room design and installation experts, find ourselves contradicting the following misconceptions as we aim to reassure those who want but are unsure, need but are uncomfortable and refuse but would benefit based on their wants and requirements.

misconception 1.

“Wet rooms can only be installed at ground level.”

Not only is this statement false, we’d also be wary of who’s misinforming you and consider why that may be the case. Perhaps, if it’s a so called professional, they are not confident in their own abilities and are ‘cutting you off at the pass’ so to speak by deterring you from perusing this bathing concept.

If this is the case we suspect there motives are to reduce the chances of a leak, or at least a visible one, and in the worst case scenario protect their backs whereby a ground floor leak is less damaging and less costly then rectifying one that has occurred on a higher level of a home.

Either way, the true is, a wet room can be installed on any level of the home.

misconception 2.

“They leak.”

Strictly speaking this isn’t necessarily false. Yes, wet rooms can leak, as can shower enclosures, toilets, baths and basins – it’s not the concept that’s faulty, it’s the installation.

Extra care must be taken when installing a wet room, they do require a certain type of skill, expertise, general know how and good product in order to ensure they do not leak, however, if done properly it will be as water tight as our own skin.

misconception 3.

“Wet rooms are dangerous.”

Wet rooms are actually recognised as being the complete showering solution when it comes to mobility bathing equipment and fixtures as they promote maximum safety while ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

A careful and considered design approach is key to safeguarding the concept and its users however, with the installation of slip resistant vinyl or floor tiles, rather than ceramic or porcelain, will significantly reduce the chance of an accident.

Furthermore, where safety is key, wet rooms are the perfect solution where an ‘adding too’ approach may be required. This can come in the form of a shower seat or bench and stylish grab bars – whatever your individual requirements, a wet room will help you achieve them.

misconception 4.

“Can only be installed in big bathrooms.”

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

The truth is; there is no maximum, or minimum, size requirements to facilitate the installation of a wet room.

Fact. Wet rooms are perfect for awkward spaces, exploiting your use of available space as a result of their bespoke and ‘purpose built’ properties. Whether an alcove, sloped ceiling, bulk head or angled wall, wet rooms are versatile, lending their hand to a room, shape or size.

misconception 5.

“The entire room gets wet.”

‘Wet Room’; shot themselves in the foot with this one haven’t they?

As the quite acutely given name states the concept of a wet room is just that; a wet room, meaning the entire room becomes your showering solution. However, in order to stop everything other than you and the shower area getting wet, measures can be put in place.

We recommend a glass patrician rather than a shower curtain (not only does this look more atheistically pleasing it can also help a small room appear bigger and floor to wall installation would ensure no escaping water). A slightly sloped / evenly gradient floor, invisible to the naked eye, is also essential in wet room design, as it facilitates the ability for the water to ‘run away’ into the drain which will eradicate any amount of pooling.

misconception 6.

“Wet rooms reduce the value of your home.”

Wet rooms can actually add value to your home, and if it doesn’t, the worst case scenario is it would stay the same.

Traditionally speaking, the theory behind this misconception is that, people want a bathing solution in the bathroom and with the installation of a wet room it would make for a costly re-conversion project for anyone looking to purchase your property meaning they may be able to negotiate on the price to secure a sale.

The key statement here is ‘traditionally’; the above did hold some credibility 15 years ago. The truth of the matter is, the world is changing, people are busier and more ‘on the go’ than ever before increasing the need for a quicker shower solution, rather than a prolonged soak.

This, along with their multi-generational versatility, is a contributory factor as to why, wet rooms, and showering rather than bathing in general, is increasing in popularity at a rapid rate – not only that, they look fantastic and are sure to add the ‘wow’ factor to any home which we feel to help, rather than hinder, a sale.

misconception 7.

“The drain gets blocked and you can’t unclog them.”

Like any drain there is a risk of blockage and clogging however, like any drain, they can be unblocked and cleaned, with efficiency and ease as a matter of fact.

Wet rooms, depending on your flooring choice, are designed with a square or circular grate protecting the waste, this can easily be lifted to expose the gully and trap. For cleaning purpose you would simply remove the trap, by either turning or clicking to release the catch, and emptying its contents, typically hair and beauty product residue, which would 9/10 be causing any blockage or unwelcomed smell.

Replacing the trap and securing it by the same method of releasing it will ensure everything is back in its place and fitted as should, before popping the grate back over the top to offer protection to the working components.

We would recommend repeating this process at least monthly to prolong the longevity of your wet room and prevent any issues arising, rather than rectifying, is always beneficial in our eyes.

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