The importance of bathing the Mind, Body & Soul.

4 August 2017

In the modern day our lives are busy and full of distractions.

The current environment we find ourselves within endorses and encourages continuous interruptions. We are expected to multi-task now more than ever with the promotion of open office environments, social media and smart technology at our finger tips.

As a result, impromptu dialogue is becoming more frequent by the day but not all is as good as it may seem with the negative impact this can have on our bodies, minds and souls.

The truth of the matter is our brains are not wired to carry out several task simultaneously. It’s not that they won’t, it’s that they can’t. No amount of brain training or natural ability will make any difference. We’re not hardwired to be able to complete two different task at the same time and when we think we are multi-tasking our brain is simply flipping between one tasks to another, going back and forth like a yo-yo.

Many see this as being productive however what we should be realising is a lack of focus and ability to concentrate.

One study researching open office environments found that on average we’re interrupted in one way or another every 3 minutes, costing businesses thousands in time, reduced creativity, errors and burnout. Over time this can lead to heightened levels of stress, depression and lower overall levels of intellectual capacity causing a common industrial ailment known as ‘scatter brain syndrome’.

But what does this have to do with bathing I hear you ask?

Well one of the most successful preventative measures and secret remedies behind all of the above, keeping you healthy, focused and sounded minded, is to relax (along with an even balance of exercise and sleep).

To unwind and un-think regularly. To not only stick to one task at a time but to not complete any tasks at all. To be completely at one with yourself. To enjoy some me-time. To bathe.

Self-assessment and diagnosis.

As we’ve already established continuously having to multi-task in order to muddle through our busy lives can have detrimental effects on our health. For that reason it is essential we take good care of ourselves and counter any negative over working with positive down time and relaxation.

Have you noticed it’s starting to take you longer to remember things, racking your brains for an answer and getting more stressed out by the minute?

Perhaps the time is takes you to make a decision has doubled due to an inability to concentrate?

Maybe you used to have brilliantly creative ideas on the regular, whereas now you find it difficult to think of alternative ways of doing something simple to add a flare of originality?

In any instance you could be heading towards a slippery slope, but fear not, it’s never too late to rectify any wrong doing and by being mindful of a couple of key steps and protocols could help you stay focused, increase your ability to concentrate, enhance your levels of productivity all with a healthy body, mind and soul.

Preventative measures and secret remedies

So to summarise, if you feel yourself backing further into a black hole with work piling up on you with no clear escape route or memorial recognition of what you’ve done or how you’ve done it you need to stop.

Stop right here, right now. Take a deep breathe. Calm down and take some time to detail how and what you need to do to rectify the situation you are in and use our list of 9 preventative measures and secret remedies as detailed below to plan your escape.

1) Make time for you, relax and unwind with a long hot soak. Rest your mind, body and time simultaneously. (To enhance this experience further why not read our dedicated article on bath time rituals and relaxation techniques.)

2) Get enough sleep, at least 6-8 hours a night. Rest, rest & rest. The body and mind needs to recover daily so ensuring you get enough sleep is essential to this process.

3) Exercise regularly. The best type of anti-depressant according to many a health professionals. Not only does exercise help clear the mind, it also cleanses the soul and is proven to make us more productive.

4) Make a to-do list and do not deter from it (unless urgently required).

5) Stay focused on the task at hand. Start one job and finish it before moving onto the next.

6) Minimise distractions when necessary. Turn off your phone, log out of your emails, take yourself off to a quiet room or corner.

7) Give yourself a break. At least every hour, get up and move around – do not class this as time wasted, truth is you’ll be more efficient in the long run.

8) Keep a note pad of accomplishments and completed tasks. This can help keep you motivated and demonstrate all the tasks you have done rather than the one task you haven’t.

9) Don’t stress. This is one of the most important. You’ve had a busy and productive day however for one reason or another you haven’t completed everything on your list. Don’t panic and don’t stress. There’s always another day – read your note pad and be proud of everything you have done. Close the computer down. Turn off your work mobile. Go home. Exercise. Eat well. Bathe. Rest. Sleep. Repeat.

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