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7 November 2018

A relaxing, calming and soul satisfying activity there’s nothing quite like indulging in a long and soothing soak. As winter fast approaches and the dark mornings and nights draw in it’s one of the best times of the year to perfect your bathing routine.

Did you know bathing is actually really good for you?

With a plethora of benefits including muscle relaxation, reducing stress and tension, aiding in a restful night’s sleep and enhancing moods – bathing is quite possibly one of the best activities for the mind, body and soul.

This didn’t happen by accident of course. Over the years there has been many a development, all geared towards intensifying the overall bathing experience. which has now got us to a point of near perfection.

Not yet common knowledge, we’ve spent our time scouring the internet, along with speaking to customers, to create a condensed list of soak secrets which will unveil how you too can have the perfect bath.

Preparation is the key.

When it comes to having the perfect bath, preparation, like most things in life, really is the key. First and foremost the optimum temperature of the bath water should be between 37 and 39 degrees, which is slightly warmer than body temperature.

It’s equally important to never underestimate the influence lighting can have on the atmospheric mood of a bathroom setting and therefore in order to enhance your ability to relax we would always opt for dim warm lighting rather than bright cool lighting.

Finally the bathroom itself should be aired to around 21 degree’s with a fluffy bath sheet placed over the radiator or towel warmer, ready to wrap yourself in as soon as you emerge from your soak. Comfy clothing, pyjamas for example, should be on hand for when you’re dry to ensure the relaxing mood continues.

A dash of something special.

Over the years many different ingredients have been tried, tested and added to a bathing routine to help create a heightened experience that is relaxing and calm. Many of which are natural produce, sourced to take care of skin rather than aggregate, especially where it is sensitive, so for this segment you can safely store the bubble bath far away.

Milk and honey. If you’re wanting to enhance your skins health, treating any skin problems while nourishing the surface then adding dash of milk and honey to your bath time routine could be the best way to start.

Rich in antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal properties, honey provides soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Milk, on the other hand, is rich in vitamins A, B and D, calcium and lactic acid which when combined with honey results in glowing and radiant skin.

Red wine. Filled with antioxidants and a perfect exfoliant due to its acidic properties, adding a dash of red wine to your bath is a great way of achieving super soft skin. It has also been said, as a result of the antioxidants present, that red wine is incredibly effective in helping prevent wrinkles, combating cellulite and increasing bloody circulation.

Herbal tea. Bathing in herbal scented water can help reduce stress, soothe skin and provide an increased state of relaxation. Although there are many herbs available it is advisable you choose specific herbs for their individual therapeutic benefits, whether to soften skin, ease muscle, increase circulation and even help fight infection.

Though there are many a herb available our favourites when adding to bath water include: chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary.

Oatmeal. A secret ingredient for soothing eczema or sunburns is to add some oatmeal’s to your bath. A great way of softening and relaxing skin you can add a dash of essential oils to the mixture to give it an extra boost.

A total DIY addition you will require a cloth, elastic band, oatmeal’s and some essential oils, if desired. Simply put a handful of oats in the centre of the cloth, add a dash of oils, seal the cloth and tie with the elastic band. Be careful not to overfull the pouch though as this could cause it to split once submerged in the water.

Epsom salts. Due to its fundamental properties Epsom salt is a great way of maintaining, or increasing, the amount of magnesium present in your body. Used to relieve muscle tension Epsom salt is proven to reduce inflammation, and subsequent pain, and for that reason is widely used my sports men and women alike.

The whole 9 yards.

If you’re going to invest in ensuring you get some much needed ‘me time’ you might as well make sure you do it properly – what’s that saying; if a jobs worth doing its worth doing properly? Well the same applies here.

We’re talking a 30 minute minimum soak that entails a combination of the following:

1. Candles, scented of course.

2. A good book to get lost in (try our comprehensive list of books to compliment a long soak).

3. Music, nothing too upbeat and nothing too loud – having what resembles a rave in your bath really does defeat the purpose of this article.

4. Hair treatments and face masks.

5. Purchase a bath pillow – game changer!

6. A tipple of your choice; after all staying hydrated in a warm environment is essential.

360 degrees of bathing.

Having the perfect bath doesn’t confine itself to the 30 odd minutes you spend immersed in water. The truth is you can have baths for cleansing purposes and baths for relaxing and mood enhancing purposes and this article is most definitely targeted towards the latter.

For that reason, and before you even think about having the perfect bath, it’s important to make sure your schedule is completely clear – do not waste your bathing efforts by jumping straight back into a busy ‘to do’ list, instead plan for an evening of domestic free bliss.

First and foremost don’t forget to moisturise once you’re out of the bath and dry. Having been in water for quite a prolonged period of time your skin can become quite dry and sensitive so it’s important to rejuvenate it with moisturising cream.

Following this get wrapped up in your pyjamas, or something as equally as comfortable, and get settled down for the evening with a tipple of your choice and your favourite box set or film before you enjoy the most restful night’s sleep you’ve potentially ever had.

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