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25 February 2020

Benefits Of Having A Bath

With life getting busier, many of us find it more convenient to shower over taking the time out to have a bath, but there are many little-known benefits of having a bath, equally as important as getting clean.

A soothing soak after a long day can help you to unwind and clear your mind, whilst taking a bath in the morning can help you to boost your mood, providing a positive start to your day.

Whether you opt for a hot or cold bath, we’ve listed some of the main benefits below.

Benefits Of A Hot Bath

There are several benefits to having a hot bath that have a positive effect on both your mind and body.

Helps To Reduce Stress Levels

One of the simplest benefits of a hot bath is it gives you time to calm your mind and escape from the outside world. A long hot bath raises your body’s temperature, causing your muscles to relax and whole body to unwind.

You’ll Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Alongside soaking your stresses away, having a hot bath before bed can lead to a deeper and more fulfilling sleep.

Once you get out of the bath, your body will work double time to regulate its temperature by gradually dropping your heart rate. This can cause you to feel more sleepy.

Improves Blood Circulation

When your body is immersed in hot water, your heart will work faster and harder to pump blood around the body to alleviate blood pressure.

This is particularly useful if you regularly suffer from headaches. Headaches can be a result of narrowing blood vessels in the head. Hot water can help to relax the walls of blood vessels in the body to alleviate blood pressure.

Helps To Relieve Cold And Flu Symptoms

One of the most little-known benefits of having a hot bath is the fact that the steam generated can help to clear up an annoying stuffy nose. Steam clears up your nasal passage by getting the blood vessels in your nose moving, helping to loosen up any congestion.

Helps To Improve Skin

Warm water helps to open up the pores in your skin, helping to clear any dirt and excess oils.

If you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema, you can enhance your bath by adding essential oils or colloidal oats to help to soothe skin irritation.

Are There Any Cold Water Bath Benefits?

The points mentioned above have focused on the benefits of a hot bath but, for those who are willing to brave the cold, there are also benefits to cold baths too.

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Whilst warm water can help to loosen up tense muscles, a cold bath can help to relieve muscle pain, particularly for those partaking in strenuous exercise.

A cold water bath can help to improve muscle recovery time by lowering the levels of lactic acid in the bloodstream. Lactic acid builds up during intense exercise and can lead to muscle pain, cramps, and muscular fatigue.

Helps Your Body Fight Disease

Many partake in cold water immersion by sitting in an ice cold bath or pool for 4- 5 minutes.

This technique is believed to activate your body’s natural healing powers. Cold water can cause your lymph vessels to contract, causing your lymphatic system to pump lymph fluids throughout your body and flush out waste. This then triggers your immune system to destroy any unwanted substances in fluid and help to fight disease.

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