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14 June 2021

If you’re looking at turning your entire bathroom into a showering area, wet rooms are a great space-saving solution and particularly popular with those who have smaller suites.

It’s no wonder that at More Bathrooms we are often asked about the process of turning a bathroom into a wet room followed closely by the wet room installation cost.

This article answers your frequently asked wet room questions including how to fit a wet room.

What is a wet room?

Wet rooms are open plan, watertight shower rooms that are often fitted with a glass screen or shower curtain to stop water splashing around the entire room.

With a level access design, wet rooms consist of a shower tray that has been installed under the surface by sinking it into the floor. The tray is covered with a waterproofing liquid and covered in your choice of flooring, whether bathroom tiles or vinyl flooring.

How do you fit a wet room?

When considering fitting a wet room, we firstly recommend hiring an expert to avoid any water damage and other issues.

There are two main steps when fitting a wet room: water drainage and waterproofing.

Water drainage

Whilst installing the underfloor shower tray, an area of the floor is chosen for drainage.A slight slope is then created to gravitate the water from the shower down the drainage area.


To ensure there is no water damage, the floor and walls of a wet room are often completely covered with your choice of tiles, vinyl or wall boards.

A waterproofing impermeable membrane is also layered in between your floor and chosen floor covering for extra security.

To gather further information on how to fit a wet room read our complete guide to wet room installation.

Is a wet room suitable for my bathroom?

When researching turning a bathroom into a wet room we also recommend you consider the pros and potential drawbacks of wet room installation, including suitability and cost: a full list can also be found in our complete guide to wet room installation.

If you wish to find out if a wet room can be fit within your current bathroom, you can arrange for one of our experienced designers to survey your bathroom by booking a free design appointment.

How much does wet room installation cost?

There is no set wet room installation cost as there are several varied factors, including the size of your wet room and your choice of fixtures and fittings.

Floor and wall coverings vary widely in cost per unit, depending on your choice of material and design.

You will also need to consider that the bigger your bathroom is, the more material you’ll require to cover it. This will also have an effect on the time taken to install, which is also likely to incur a higher fitting cost.

Considering the above, the average wet room installation cost is £6k to 9k, but again this can widely vary.

To find out more about turning a bathroom into a wet room or to gather more general advice on our full bathroom and shower room design, supply and installation service you can call us or book a free design appointment with one of our friendly Senior Designers.

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