Mr & Mrs Craine, Meanwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire - a successful bathroom facelift

7 January 2016


Mr & Mrs Craine had a relatively new bathroom setting in terms of fixtures and decoration; although the colour scheme needed some thought. That said however the couple felt the time was right to modernise the suite in terms of design, product choice and trend in order to bring it into the 21st century. That said the existing suite did house one dated statement feature in particular that was to remain the main focal of the room – a strikingly different Victorian fireplace. 


More Bathrooms surveyor & designer, Paul Tarbard, worked closely with the couple to understand their personal preferences in terms of design and style – an essential part to being able to present an on trend bathroom renovation that met their requirements and preserved / partnered the appearances of the stunning fireplace.

A modern, warm and functional suite was presented that didn’t differ too much, in terms of item location, from the existing room. The updated suite however did feature a large P shaped bath, that offered itself more generously to the over bath shower mixer, a fully back-to-wall toilet and a modern pedestal basin unit. Minor building works were also incorporated to create some much needed storage space – alcoves in walls and a built in, self-contained, storage unit provided the couple with sufficient space to hide toiletries, towels and beauty products.


The finished suite is what we would call a ‘successful bathroom facelift’ - reinvented, modernised and given a breath of fresh air. True to the couples personal tastes the half tiled suite was simple, minimalistic and warm. The chosen fixtures, cream walls, mosaic tiles, wooden floor and Victorian fireplace complemented each other entirely which when brought together offered a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience. 

what mr & mrs craine said about more bathrooms:

“We are so pleased with our new bathroom. Darren worked so hard and paid great attention to detail, consulting us along the way to make sure that everything was done as we wanted it. He was very accommodating and unfazed by the extra plastering / joinery work that we asked him to do.

Special thanks to Paul, our surveyor, for all his hard work and flexibility before and during the project. We really like the new layout you suggested for the bathroom – it looks identical to the CAD design you showed us.”