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Published: 1 December 2021

Turning the entire room into a shower area whilst adding a contemporary look and feel , wet rooms are a popular option for small shower room renovations.

To help you consider whether a wet room is right for your small space we’ve put together a list of small wet room plans and our favourite small wet room ideas.

What is a wet room?

Wet rooms are open plan watertight shower rooms that consist of a tray that has been installed under the surface by sinking into the floor.

The tray is then covered in a water proofing liquid and covered by either bathroom tiles or vinyl flooring.

How small can a wet room be?

Due to the way wet rooms are fit, they can surprisingly be installed in the majority of room sizes. We’ve have even transformed a small downstairs toilet room into a wet room before.

We do find however the more space you have available the better when considering water splashing on your over shower room amenities.

Small wet room plans

When considering your small wet room plans you will need to think about the layout and what you will include within your shower room. We recommend you consider the following:

- The first recommendation we give when installing a wet room in a small space is installation of a shower screen. Although this is often optional in larger wet room plans, it is a necessity for small wet rooms to protect any nearby fixtures and fittings from water splashes.

- Although wet rooms can be fit into most spaces you will need to ensure the door used to enter the room isn’t located too close to shower and draining area of your wet room. If so, it will need to be moved to ensure no water escapes out of the room.

- Does everything in your wet room need to be there? Although a shower screen will help to reduce water splashing around the room items may still get wet due to the limited space. If possible store additional amenities such as unused towels to another room.

-If you do have room for bathroom storage furniture as part of your small wet room plan , due to the likelihood of water reaching it, we recommend you ensure it is waterproof and not just water resistant the areas often. This is particularly important if you wish to install wooden bathroom storage furniture.

To find out more about wet room plans read our complete guide to wet rooms & Wet room installation

Small wet room ideas

Once you have a general idea of the fixtures and fittings within your small wet room , now is the fun part! There are several small wet room designs you can include to make the space look bigger.

Below are our favourite small wet room ideas:

- If you’re considering a small wet room installation with a toilet opt for a wall hung or back to wall design to maximise floor space.

- We love light and neutral colour schemes. We recommend considering incorporating light colours in to small spaces to help freshen the room and create the illusion of a bigger and brighter space.This can also be done through the installation of mirrors and glossy fixtures as they help to bounce light around the room.

- Underfloor heating is a great option for wet rooms as it can help to dry the floor quicker and help to prevent any slips. It also removes the need for a wall radiator which can help in rooms with limited space.

- Installation of wall boards and or large tiles = less grout lines. This minimal design of these wall coverings can make small wet rooms feel larger as they don’t consist of busy grout lines which can make bathrooms feel crowded. More tips can be found in our article on how to remodel a small bathroom.

- Another way to maximise floor space is to install small sanitary ware. There is now a variety of short projection toilets and small basins on the market created specifically for small bathrooms.

To gather more small wet room ideas and further information on how a wet room can be fir in your home you can call us or book a free design appointment.

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