Easy Access Shower Room Case Study | Halifax | West Yorkshire

Published: 23 June 2015


Mrs Horsfall had started to struggle in the bathroom a number of years ago. Around this time the majority of bathroom solutions focused around bathing rather than showering and looked very clinical and specialist – something Mrs Horsfall neither needed nor wanted. As a result of the market not catering for her needs Mrs Horsfall carried out her own DIY bathroom adaptation makeover.

Mrs Horsfall installed a portable plastic bench / seat over the bath tub, she was struggling to get in & out but had no other means of cleaning / washing. Secondary to this a portable frame was placed around the toilet making it easy to get on and off. As beneficial as they were at the time Mrs Horsfall’s DIY solutions were no longer adequate as they didn’t fully solved her problem leading her to our door.


Mrs Horsfall was a stylish customer who took great pride in her home and appearance. She hadn’t been able to enjoy a soak for a good while and with product availability in the shower solution market growing at a great rate, coupled with our bespoke design solutions, the only sensible option was for us to design a stylish wet floor shower solution with built in corian bench rather than a shower set to really give it that wow factor.

Another area of concern was the sanitary wear. Mrs Horsfall had coped with a standard height toilet with portable frame for a number of years however this didn’t quite fit with the new up market design. A solution here was to install a brand new raised height toilet solution – a truly great product. The toilet looks no different to a standard height toilet it is just a couple of inches higher making it easier to get on & off – perfect!


An accurately stylish shower room solution that could fit perfectly into the most modern of homes but at the same time offer a safer and easier to use bathing experience. Long gone are the days where bathroom solutions look specialist and clinical and long gone are the days where the only solution was a walk-in bath. Mrs Horsfall was truly elated with the finished project and will continue to bathe stylishly and safely for a number of years to come.

what mrs horsfall said about more bathrooms:

“Thank you for my wonderful bathroom and special praise to Tony – a really hard worker and one of the best I have ever had.”

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