Wet Room Case Study | Wakefield | West Yorkshire

Published: 9 September 2015


Mr & Mrs Andrews had a small and dated 3 piece bathroom suite that was lacking in space and natural light resulting in it feeling tired, dull and claustrophobic. The colour scheme and style of the once ‘modern’ suite was further adding to the issues the couple were faced with making it clear a complete bathroom renovation was the only way forward.


Having spoken to Mr & Mrs Andrews it became clear that their key aim of the refurbishment was to create space and brighten the room with storage solutions being paramount in an attempt to ‘declutter’ the small space.

Originally with a bath in situ More Bathrooms surveyor & designer, Paul Tarbard, proposed the idea of changing the suite from a 3 piece bathroom to a 3 piece shower room – instantly creating space and movement in and around the room. Loving this idea Paul pushed one step further when addressing the possible shower solutions with the couple deciding on a Wet Floor Shower solution with glass screen – the ultimate space creating shower room solution as a result of the design, that being, in essence, the whole room becoming the shower.

Ensuring we met all the couples wants, needs and desires Paul designed Mr & Mrs Andrews a shower room that encompassed a full wall storage vanity unit that housed the basin, a modern back to wall closed couple toilet, full floor and wall tiles finished off with underfloor heating.


A fully tiled bathroom to wet floor shower conversion with new modern sanitary wear, fitted furniture and underfloor heating.

At the start of their journey with us Mr & Mrs Andrews made it clear space and light was their focus and the finished suite met both them requests. The removal of the bath and installation of wet floor shower, accompanied with ample storage, met the requirement of space and the colour schemes and tones within the furniture, fittings and tiles, along with the positioning of fixtures & new lighting instruments, made the room appear bright and light.

what mr & mrs andrews said about more bathrooms:

“Could not be improved – excellent job with friendly workmen.”

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