The importance of decluttering your bathroom ahead of renovation planning.

9 July 2018

A bathroom renovation should be the epitome of a well thought-out design. It should eradicate all those issues and concerns you had prior to embarking on the project, achieving your main aims and underlying reasons for the work, whether that be:

1) To provide a relaxing sanctuary to escape and unwind

2) Make the best use of available space

3) Add value to your home

4) Modernise a tired / old design

5) Make a new property feel like home

Whatever the underlying reason, whether listed above or not, your renovation should make your dream bathroom or shower room aspirations a reality.

Don’t get too carried away too soon.

Before you can begin on the exciting design process it is crucial to understand how you will use the space; fundamentally from a functionality point of view.

First and foremost it is essential to declutter the existing space; doing so will help you determine, with regards to practicality, what fixtures and fittings you will need to incorporate.

Believe us when we tell you, you’ll be amazed at exactly what unnecessary clutter (pardon the phrase) you will actually store in your bathroom; some of which shouldn’t even be in there from a compromised quality point of view due to the varying, hot and humid, temperatures.


Unwanted bath-sets that you’re great Auntie bought you four Christmas’s ago; a lovely idea but as British consumers we like what we like and we are loyal to our preferred products and brands. If your bathroom is in-undated with such gifts, get rid of them, you don’t need them and you’ll never use them. Instead of throwing them in the bin consider donating them to a charity or a prize should you know someone collecting for a raffle – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say!

Sun care.

Sun creams, tanning oils and after sun products; let’s think about this logically, they cost a fortune, we agree, however is it essential you keep these as handy as your bathroom cabinet? British summer time has never been long lasting, or unmanageably warm, so we would suggest storing these with the suit cases and beach towels; it’s highly likely you won’t need them again until your next vacation. Be mindful though that these products do have an expiry date so make sure you don’t compromise the effectiveness of their protection by keeping and reusing them for years on end.


Make up, powders, foundations and blushers, we agree bathroom lighting is near on perfect for application however at the same time you should never store these products in there. Unable to tolerate moisture and the fluctuating temperatures, exposing these products to such an environment will affect the quality within the formulas, degrading the life space of the goods.


Similar to the above the humidity and moisture found in the bathroom can have a negative effect on the potency of the medication and accelerate the life expectancy and expiry date, often compromising its effectiveness – this includes birth control contraceptives also.


Finally towels, take these out and don’t’ make design plans to re-incorporate them. Sounds ridiculous we know; “don’t store bath towels in the bathroom” however the truth is, in a humid, damp and steamy environment these items will consume the moisture in the air, which when left over a period of time (bottoms of the rack) could cause them to start to smell, especially in a busy bathroom where the temperature is often fluctuating.

After you’ve got rid of everything you either don’t need or shouldn’t store in your bathroom you’ll have a much better idea of what you’ve got to work with, and so will your designer.

Combining this decluttered space, with the underlying reasons and main aims of the project and using it all in conjunction with your bathroom dreams and aspirations, you should, with a little help from a reputable expert in the industry, be left with a functional bathroom or shower room that is the epitome of a well thought-out design.

More Bathrooms, part of the Passmore Group, is a Leeds based bathrooms by design specialist. Whether you require a complete bathroom solution or a bathroom renovation More Bathrooms offer bathroom design incorporating expert knowledge and advice in all themes, ranges and styles as part of their complete supply & installation service.

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