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Published: 7 February 2022

Remodelling your bathroom is an exciting process but it can also be a confusing task if you don’t have a plan in place.

As full design, supply and bathroom installation experts we are often asked how to remodel a bathroom.

Whether you’re getting the experts in or are undertaking the transformation on your own, this article breaks down everything you need to consider.

How to design a bathroom remodel

Before we discuss bathroom remodel ideas we recommend you have a plan in place to ensure you don’t miss out on any crucial steps. In our bathroom renovation guide we give a detailed breakdown of everything you need to consider, including the following steps:

Step 1 – Assess your bathroom requirements

At this stage you need to consider your likes and dislikes and how you use your current bathroom.

For example, if you rarely go for a long soak you may wish to remove your bath to create more floor space and or install a larger shower. You will also need to consider who else uses your bathroom and how this may change for yourself and any additional users in the future.

Step 2 – Set a Budget

Once you’ve decided what you would like within your new bathroom you will need to set a budget. Gather general costs for sanitary ware, fitted furniture, wall and floor coverings, lighting, ventilation and labour costs.

If you feel the cost is too high at this stage consider whether everything you wish to install is a necessity.

Step 3 – Choose your design

Here you will decide your bathroom colour scheme and confirm your sanitary ware, fitted furniture, wall and floor coverings, lighting, heating and ventilation choices.

You will also need to consider where everything will go within your new bathroom.

Read our article on planning your bathroom layout to find out how.

Step 4 – Remove your old bathroom

If you’re not undertaking the renovation on your own a fitter will arrive to remove your bathroom. This will also involve the laying of a protective film to protect your floor and if required the installation of a skip to get rid of any unnecessary items.

Step 5 - New bathroom installation

The installation of a new bathroom commonly includes plumbing and electrical work, installation of wall and floor coverings, sanitary ware and furniture installation and applying finishing touches.

Bathroom remodel ideas

Once you have the planning in place, you have the fun task of choosing your bathroom design.

Below are some of our favourite bathroom remodel ideas:

Be bold with your colour choices

Make a statement by installing bold and or bright colours within your bathroom to uplift moods and showcase your personality. If you have a smaller space this can be incorporated as part of a feature wall.

To find out more about colour choices read our bathroom colour guide.

Make use of all of your available space

As mentioned earlier, when choosing your sanitary ware for your new bathroom you will need to consider how you currently use your bathroom and its importance in your new suite.

If you have limited space, consider turning your entire suite into a shower by installing a wet room that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Create a stunning focal point

Installation of a free standing bath can be a great statement piece in larger bathrooms. Creating an element of grandeur, they draw the eye to their beautifully detailed designs. Find out more about the range of baths available in our bath buying guide.

Consider for space saving sanitary ware

Your choice of basin and toilet is often related directly to the size and style of your bathroom. There is now a range of sanitary ware options available including short projection toilets and small basins created specifically for small suites.

You can also create the illusion of a larger central floor space by installing a wall hung basin and toilet. You can find out more in our toilet buying guide.

Choose low maintenance floor and wall coverings

If you don't enjoy or are beginning to struggle with cleaning your bathroom the installation of wall boards and or vinyl flooring are a smart option as they don’t have any grout lines.

Growing in popularity, wall boards are available in a variety of colours and designs. Which means you’ll be certain to find a finish that tie sin with your chosen colour scheme.

To find out more about bathroom remodel ideas as part of our full design, supply and installation service call us or book a free design appointment.

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