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20 May 2019

Often referred to as the smallest room in the house, your small bathroom can still benefit from aspirational ideas. Follow our 8 design tricks on how to make a small bathroom look bigger.

1. Incorporate A feature Wall

Unknown to most, you can make a small rectangle bathroom look bigger with tiles by creating a feature wall. Adding depth with a single tiled wall, keeping the rest of the room neutral, will elongate the space creating the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

2. Create Infinite Space

If your bathroom is a small square you can trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger by using just one colour, or very similar shades, on all surfaces.

Making a small bathroom look larger with paint help turns all individual elements into one. As a result, this makes the room work as a whole. Using one consistent colour in your small bathroom will give the illusion of space, similar to how an infinity pool works when the pool water meets the sea on the horizon.

3. Convert To A Shower Room

If you’re wanting to make the most out of a small bathroom and space is the ultimate aim then converting the bathroom to a shower room wins every time. Increasing in popularity, shower rooms act as the perfect space enhancer.

There are plenty of modern advances in

> Walk-in showers

> Wet rooms

> Variety of shower enclosures and cubicles

You’ll be spoilt for choice and space!

4. Integrate Storage Solutions

One of the best ways to make a small bathroom look bigger is to integrate storage solutions. A built in vanity unit is not only practical but can create the illusion of space by creating clean lines that disappear into the walls.

Furthermore, storage allows for surfaces to be kept clear. Choosing a light or neutral colour for the cupboards and doors will help reflect light around the room. Consequently, this will make the space look and feel bigger.

5. Light It Up

Natural light will always make a room appear bigger and brighter. If you don’t have this luxury then modern LED lighting solutions can be powerful, long-lasting and eco-friendly alternatives. They can also make a world of difference when wanting to make a small bathroom look bigger.

During the design think about how you can use lighting to highlight specific features. For example, using a light over a basin or creating a subtle glow from under a bath panel. Incorporating light will not only make the space feel bigger but much more high-spec too.

6. Use Colour

If you’re wanting to know how to make a small bathroom bigger with paint then the secret is to make the colour work for you. Clean lines and a minimalistic design scheme should be the starting point for your small bathroom.

Steer well clear of all over patterns as well as bright and bold colours. Instead opt for neutral tones to help create the illusion of space. The brighter, calmer and cleaner the space, the bigger it will feel.

7. Space Enhancing Sanitaryware

Finally there’s a huge amount of sanitaryware specifically designed for small bathrooms. Corner basins and toilets as well as smaller shower trays free up central floor space and can all help make a small bathroom look bigger.

Wall-hung basins, especially vanity units, will create an illusion of space and provide a stylish storage solution. Principally, the more floor you can see the bigger the room will feel.

8. Mirror Mirror

Glass is a natural reflector which can help bounce light around the room and further enhance a small bathroom’s size. Think about how you can use mirrors to your advantage during your bathroom design phase. Perhaps installing one as a wall feature and not just as a practical addition over a basin.

Go for glass shelves instead of other materials like wood. Clear glass shower screens are a great curtain replacement too as they draw the eye through to the space and not just to it.

And that’s it for our 8 design tricks on how to make any small bathroom look bigger. This proves that you can still have big ideas for small spaces!

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