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Published: 23 July 2019 · Last Updated: 29 August 2023

There is a multitude of shower designs that are available to us, and the same goes for the number of ideas that seem endless. You can say that we’re spoilt for choice.

It could be that you’re in a position where you want to give your shower a bit of a refresh, or with a few touch-ups just to update the old with the new.

Now when it comes to choosing some of those shower features, the question that should really be asked is what’re you trying to achieve in the design? Is it a luxury finish? Simplicity? Convenience? Efficiency? Or even just plain old practicality?

To help you, we have picked out our top 10 shower ideas, thanks to our research and team of experts, giving you those answers to the questions above (and others you may have) and of course those aesthetically pleasing shower room ideas!

1. Dramatic Contrast

So, with this first idea, we’re going to set the mood in the room. Create a dramatic contrasting room, with a striking combination of dark textured tiles and bright glossy accents and achieve an outstanding visual effect.

You could also decide on a sleek, black-framed glass enclosure and then look to have contrasting features to further add depth and sophistication to the available shower space.

2. Retro Revival

The vintage style is definitely in trend at the moment and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of classic bath features. So, if that is you, then you could look to consider retro-patterned tiles that truly bring out a vintage style in your shower room.

A popular retro feature is a clawfoot tub and you’d like to have the alternative of having a soak could be a feature that you could hugely consider as it brings that nostalgic vintage design and character to your shower room, more so if you have the available space.

If a clawfoot tub isn’t appealing to you and you’d prefer to stick to just a shower, then the rainfall shower head with a vintage-style faucet would be the perfect alternative.

3. Integrated storage solutions

We said in this article we would consider all angles and give you the best shower ideas. Now we’re looking at efficiency.

Maximise the organisation and efficiency in a shower room by integrating your storage, this could be fitting recessed shelving, and niches within the shower to store your toiletries and bath essentials.

Towel bars or hooks features will ease access in the shower room.

One of the most important factors that most of you may like and enjoy about integrated storage solutions is the fact that they help to keep the space tidy and more functional. A big benefit especially if you have many users of the available space.

4. Understated elegance

For the ones who love aesthetically pleasing features and designs. or if you love a bit of elegance, create a shower room that focuses on clean lines and a minimalistic concept.

Concentrate on incorporating sleek features like frameless glass shower enclosures for a truly show-stopping shower room experience.

Keep the surfaces clutter-free and emphasise the beauty and simplicity, in your shower room in a minimalistic design.

5. Futuristic retreat

Continuing with design, venture into futuristic design features in your shower room with high-tech fittings for a cutting-edge experience.

The features that could fit into your shower room are LED strip lighting that goes along the ceiling and walls and completely customise the mood of your shower room space.

In line with changing the lighting, contemplate having a controlled shower system with a music integration and treat yourself to an immersive shower retreat.

6. Zen–inspired tranquillity

Who doesn’t love a bit of peace and quiet, especially after a hard day's work? This shower idea is to create that peaceful environment you wish for.

Create a serene and simplistic aura in your shower room, with a range of bathroom features using natural materials like wood and bamboo to achieve that overall tranquil zen- shower room design.

Furthering the zen-inspired design, consider stone for walls, flooring, or even for just accessories. This is a game-changing shower idea, that completely changes your mood and others, with a transformation of scenery and atmosphere.

7. Outdoor-inspired shower

The opposite of the zen-shower room design. You might like the thought of an outdoor nature-inspired shower. But it's not always possible, is it? That doesn’t stop you from recreating the environment inside of your shower room.

Bring the essence of an outdoor shower indoors by designing by utilising natural materials like pebble flooring, and river rock accents and if you love art, then a plant-inspired wallpaper wouldn’t go amiss. This unique design creates a refreshing shower experience.

8. Coastal retreat

An alternative atmosphere and environment shower design idea is a coastal retreat. Incorporate seaside elements and accomplish that coastal ocean vibe you dream of. You’re probably wondering how?

Think of using shades of blue and sandy neutral colours. Boosting the oceanic vibe inside the shower room includes glass tiles, seashell accents, and some weathered wood finishes.

Even look to add nautical-inspired décor like a ship wheel or driftwood shelves for a beachy and relaxing atmosphere.

9. Dual-function shower

Stepping away briefly from the shower feature ideas that affect the atmosphere of the room and we’re going to concentrate on a shower feature that is key to the entire showering experience.

Optimise space and functionality, with a dual-function shower. How does it work? Combine a showerhead and a handheld sprayer for a versatile showering experience, providing you with the ability to have multiple settings for different water flows and catering to the preferences of several users.

10. Statement tilework

Finally concluding our list of shower room ideas is tilework, and if you get it right (not that any tile design is wrong) you can really create that eye-catching tile design in your bathroom.

To mention a few designs that are unique and you might want to consider are mosaic patterns, geometric designs, or a mix of contrasting colours. This then makes it the focal point that the visual interest gives an insight into your personality.

And that is our top 10 Shower Room ideas, perhaps you’re thinking of completely refurbishing your shower or updating it with new ideas.

Can we help bring your perfect shower room to life?

If refurbishing your shower room is something that is on your list, and you need help and advice, then get in touch with us. We take care of everything from bathroom design right through to getting it fully fitted. You can book a free design appointment with us today.


What are some innovative storage solutions for Shower Rooms?

In two minds what storage solution you should go for in your shower room? Some innovative clever storage designs consist of hanging hooks, towel bars, and some of the ideas mentioned in the article to help maximise your shower space and improve efficiency.

What are some design considerations for a small shower room?

If your room is limited all sorts of considerations come into play to achieve that fully functional shower room. To help give a thought to using compact fixtures and fittings. Maybe opt for a corner shower enclosure or a space-saving walk-in shower. Choosing light colours will also give that room a sense of openness.

How can I make a statement in my shower room design?

To make a statement in your shower room design, incorporating bold design elements is probably the way to go. To provide you with a few carefully consider the vibrant or patterned tiles for the shower walls or flooring. As for the shower fixture, one that catches the eye is a cascading waterfall shower head.

What type of lighting is best for a shower room?

Lighting is always key in a shower room/bathroom. As you know it has the power to set the mood in a room. However, it is important to have both functional and atmospheric lighting. LED lighting is always advised. You could install waterproof and dimmable LED lights in the shower area.

If refurbishing your shower room is something that is on

your list, and you need help and advice, then get in touch with us. We take

care of everything from bathroom design right through to getting it fully fitted.

You can book a free design appointment with us today.

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