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Published: 10 March 2021

The installation of bathroom tiles add depth and texture to the room but knowing where to place them, and to what extent, can often be a confusing task.

Whether it is a half tiled or full tiled bathroom design, we have answered the most frequently asked questions, whilst breaking down the pros and cons of each.

Whether you already have a tile choice in mind or are starting on your bathroom renovation journey this article will help you to decide what is best suited for you and your bathroom space.

Should Bathrooms Be Fully Tiled?

In a fully tiled bathroom, all four walls are tiled, including the floor. Whether you should fully tile your bathroom is dependent on your bathroom wants, needs and available space.

Fully Tiled Bathroom Benefits.

A popular option amongst customers, it should come as no surprise that there are several benefits to fully tiling your bathroom.

Added Luxury.

Often creating a spa-like feel and a relaxing space to wind down in after a long day, fully tiling your bathroom can create a luxurious feel, particularly if you opt for a natural stone tile such as marble or travertine.

Creates Space.

We are often askedShould you completely tile a small bathroom? And the answer is it is dependent on your personal design preferences.

The installation of light or glossy tiles on your walls will help bounce light around your bathroom and create the illusion of a more airy and spacious design. This is great, particularly if you have a small bathroom or shower room as it can make your space feel less crowded.

On the other hand, dark and textured tiles can have the opposite effect so you must be selective with your choices. To learn more about choosing tiles for small spaces read our bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms article.

Waterproofing Properties

Fully tiling your bathroom, providing they have been installed correctly, will add a level of water-proofing protection. This is particularly great for family bathrooms with young children who enjoy a splash in the bath.

Fully Tiled Bathroom Drawbacks.

As with all good things, there are some drawbacks to fully tiled bathrooms you will need to also consider:

High Maintenance

More bathroom tiles mean more grout lines that need to be cleaned. Grout and silicone harbour cosmetic residue so if you are not one for relentlessly deep cleaning your bathroom then fully tiling it might not be the best option for you.

An alternative, lower maintenance option, would be the installation of wallboards or if your heart is set on a full tiled bathroom design read our latest article on bathroom cleaning tips.

Increased Cost.

The cost of bathroom tiles varies tremendously depending on the type of tile you choose (if you’re struggling to know where to start read our top tips for choosing bathroom tiles.)

In addition to tile choice, the installation of more tiles will also lead will to higher costs so when considering your tile budget, you will need to also take into account the labour cost of fitting the tiles and the additional time it will take to fit a larger area.

Simple Tones.

We find the best fully tiled bathroom designs are those with simplistic tiles consisting of white, grey, and beige tones.

Colourful and patterned tiles, although perfect for a feature wall, can make a full tiled bathroom feel busy and overwhelming so if you’re striving for a striking design maybe opt for a half tiled approach instead. Similarly, if you wish to add a pop of colour to your bathroom read our bathroom colour guide.

Half Tiled Bathrooms.

In half tiled bathrooms half of the wall and often the areas that need waterproofing such as shower area and basin ‘splashback’ are tiled.Like fully tiled bathrooms there are both benefits and drawbacks for you to consider.

Half Tiled Bathroom Benefits.

Striking Designs.

If only a section of your bathroom is being tiled, you can afford to show your personality with bold colours or patterned designs by balancing with a plain colour on the non-tiled wall. Vice versa you can paint the non-tiled wall in your statement colour of choice and opt for a plain tile instead.

Adds Depth.

The dual design of half tiled bathrooms can help to add texture and depth to your room. The tiling and paint design can also trick the eye into making small bathrooms look more elongated.


Opting for a half-tiled bathroom design is a more budget-friendly option, whichever way you look at it. Not only are you purchasing fewer tiles but there are fewer tiles to install so both labour and materials are also reduced.

Does Half Tiling A Bathroom Add Value To A Property?

Whilst half tiling a bathroom does not add any significant value to your property, it does give it a luxury facelift. A nice transitional update in between a full refurbishment which research shows can increase property value by 3-5%.

Half Tiled Bathroom Drawbacks

Open To Elements

Due to the open wall design, half tiled bathrooms are not as water-resistant as full tiled bathrooms. To avoid any unpleasant residue build-up or mould accumulating in damp spots you must use waterproof paint and install adequate bathroom heating and bathroom ventilation.

Unforeseen Costs

Whilst it is cheaper to buy fewer tiles there are often unforeseen costs as consideration towards what to do with the blank space instead can often be overlooked or an afterthought. For example, if you decide to decorate the wall then you still need to budget for the cost of paint or wallpaper and decorators labour rates.

To learn more about bathroom tile installation or if you wish to gather further information on our full-service design of bathroom and shower room renovations. We are here to help any way we can call us or book a free design appointment online with one of our friendly senior designers

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