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Published: 20 July 2021 · Last Updated: 29 October 2022

For many of us, our beauty and bathing regimes now require a variety of bathroom storage solutions to keep our bathroom toiletries and essentials out of the way.

Helping you to stay organised whilst maximising bathroom space, we’ve listed our favourite bathroom storage ideas and answered some of the most common questions around bathroom storage.

How to add storage to a small bathroom?

With bathrooms often being one of the smallest rooms in any home, it can be a struggle to think of how to add storage to a small bathroom space.

Regardless of your bathroom size, we’ve listed our favourite small Bathroom storage ideas below:

Utilise wall space.

Adding high shelves and mirrored cabinets to bathroom walls is a great way to save on limited floorspace whilst helping to prevent any clutter.

This bathroom storage solution is also particularly great for busy family households who need to keep bathroom amenities out of children’s way.

Another one of our favourite bathroom storage ideas to utilise unused wall space is the installation of bathroom wall niches.

Often fitted in showers, wall niches are multi-purpose recessed shelves that can be used for easy access to your bathroom essentials or as a shelving area to showcase your favourite items.

Make the most of unused bathroom space.

Instead of leaving corners to gather dust, make use of the available space by installing a contemporary corner shelf to store your folded towels.

Great for those who don’t want to install permanent furniture, free-standing shelves can also simply be added to under your basin and or other free areas in your bathroom.

You can also learn about making the most of unused bathroom space by reading our all-encompassing article on planning your bathroom layout.

Save on central floor space

Modular back to wall furniture also known as fitted furniture conceals the toilet cistern and any messy pipework.

Often installed as a run of fitted furniture across the full length of the wall, this storage solution also incorporates your bathroom basin creating additional hidden storage, whilst leaving floor space for your other bathroom sanitaryware choices.

As mentioned above, the installation of wall shelves and cabinets make the most of available wall space. The modern off-the-floor design of low wall hung fitted furniture, provides a floating effect creating the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Can storage be added above the toilet?

If you have space above the toilet, installation of a built-in shelf in the wall area directly above allows

you to store bathroom amenities or showcase any items you wish to have on display.

How can I make the most of under bath storage?

An option for those who have fitted baths - savvy under bath storage drawers can be built in to help

maximise your bathroom space whilst hiding any bathroom amenities you don’t want on show.

Are there any bathroom storage quick fixes?

If you wish to install non-permanent bathroom storage or need a quick and easy solution, we recommend the installation of wall hooks to hang your towels, free-standing and movable shelving units and or to use drawer organisers to make the most of the space in your bathroom drawers.

Wet Room Storage Solutions

If you’re reading this and you have a wet room, you’re probably thinking that you have to be very smart when it comes to storage solutions, due to the fact that the wet room is bound to have a lot of water across the entire flooring. As you have read in this article there are a variety of solutions, that are also suitable for wet rooms. These include modular off-the-floor storage, high shelving, and storage above the toilet.

To find out more about bathroom storage ideas and how they can be included in your current bathroom or as part of our full bathroom design, supply and installation service you can call us or book a free design appointment.

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