Modern Bathroom Case Study | Leeds | West Yorkshire

Published: 25 June 2015


Mr & Mrs Olver had a wood effect bathroom that was beginning to look a little outdated in comparison to the rest of their home. That said a bathroom refurbishment wasn’t originally the next home improvement project on the couples list but when Mr Olvers mother moved in they decided to update the bathroom to facilitate a multi-generation home.


We had our work cut out for sure. Our business treats bathroom solutions and bathroom re designs for the mass market as two separate entities however with an emerging, and growing, trend of multi generation homes it was time to put our heads, and our business divisions together, to deliver Mr & Mrs Olver and Mr Olvers mother a stylish but safe bathroom renovation.

Mr Olver enjoyed a good soak in the bath however this wasn’t particularly the right solution for his mother who at 93 years old was starting to struggle getting in and out. Paul Tarbard, More Bathrooms & More Ability surveyor & designer decided the best approach to a multi generation home was to deliver a multi-functional bath / shower suite.


Catering for everyone’s wants, needs and tastes Mr & Mrs Olver and Mr Olvers mother were presented with a multi-functional stylish and safe bath / shower room. The very light green and white tiles really helped to open up the room giving it a fresh and clean feel but most importantly, Mr Olver got his beloved bath and his mother got a safe wet floor shower solution – both very easy to use and very easy on the eye.

what Mr & Mrs Olver said about more bathrooms:

"It was a pleasure to having Andy working in my house, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. My 93 year old mother and wife are absolutely delighted with the new bathroom, it is both safe and stylish and accommodates for both wants, needs and tastes. We could not have imagined what it could have looked like but now it is finished we are thrilled."

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