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Published: 7 April 2016


Ms Stuart had very dated downstairs WC / cloakroom that, aside from updating and modernizing, was to be the subject of a conversion project in the form of creating an additional wash room with showering facilities.

Although renowned for being small in size, Ms Stuarts cloakroom was actually slightly larger than average, meaning incorporating a showering solution wasn’t a far right request. The design and layout of the room however would be key to not making the space feel cramped and claustrophobic, in actual fact it required some detailed thought and incorporate some space enhancing design trickery.


Although the cloakroom was larger than average if the plan was to convert this room into a space for which it wasn’t intended it needed to be thoroughly planned and discussed with Ms Stuart to ensure she got exactly what she wanted, needed and desired.

More Bathrooms Surveyor & Designer, Garry Kirkbright, approached the design and planning of the refurbishment / conversion works with caution, making sure he was continuously considerate of the available space throughout the project.

Space and layout remaining the biggest issue Garry united a few trusted design tricks starting with combining neutral colouring to surrounding walls and an impact colour / feature to the far end, elongating the room & creating the illusion that it was bigger than it actually was. Secondly, Garry was keen to incorporate both natural and man-made lighting solutions to create a bright & airy look and feel. Both tricks enabled him to plan in the shower and vanity basin & WC unit, without compromising on space – exactly what Ms Stuart wanted.


The finished wash room conversion was a real statement room in the home. Completely taking it from one extreme to the other the now downstairs shower room was a hub of space enhancing tricks and modern designs. Fully tiled with a white finish to the side and back the end wall and floor was a contradictory black finish adding depth to the entire room. A wet floor shower with full height bi-folding glass doors was installed against the feature wall with the vanity basin & WC unit running along the left edge – resulting in a ‘simply excellent’ conversion project. .

what ms stuart said more bathrooms:

“Simply Excellent!”

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Senior Designer

Garry is an experienced bathroom surveyor and designer having worked in and around the industry for 28 years; gaining invaluable experience whilst at bathroom specialist’s; Norwood & Porcelanosa.

Showing a keen interest in design & technical drawing from an early age Garry ‘fell’ into surveying bathrooms as a result of wanting to make the most of his natural abilities which involved a creative flare for design.

At Passmore’s Garry works directly with the MoreBathrooms & MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic homeowner.

Garry will also work alongside Paul Tarbard managing the showroom ensuring the latest products and designs are on display.

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