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Published: 22 September 2023

We recently transformed a couple’s downstairs toilet into a marvellous hybrid contemporary cloakroom shower. Throughout this case study we take you through our full-project managed service and how we delivered the new cloakroom for them.



Mr. and Mrs. Carrie had a cloakroom room located in the lower part of their home. The room consisted of a WC and basin. The couple wanted to convert the design into a hybrid shower and toilet room and set out to find the right company that could provide them with a new concept.


They began their search on the internet, and came across our bathroom brand More Bathrooms, after seeing our service offering lead them to visit our beautiful Leeds Bathroom Showroom.

Upon their visit, they were greeted by a member of our team. Mr. and Mrs. Carrie then explained that they had come across us on the internet and were impressed with our service offering, bespoke designs, reputation, and the reviews we had received.

In pursuit of seeing if we could deliver them a unique design, they explained that they wanted to renovate the existing cloakroom and transform it into a unique downstairs toilet concept with a shower installed as part of the design.

Taking notes of this our team member then explained to the couple our full design and fit service that we provide throughout Yorkshire and our history of delivering bathrooms going back nearly 60 years. The couple were also advised to schedule a free design appointment, for a designer to go out and help them achieve their desired new cloakroom. Liking the information they had received so far they agreed and booked an appointment.

Visited by our experienced designer Simon, the couple guided him to the existing cloakroom, then he took measurements of the existing room before they sat down for an in-depth conversation about a new concept.

The triad then went through the couple’s expectations, they explained that they had a unique vision in mind and that was to have a hybrid cloakroom consisting of a WC, basin, and shower.

Aside from their design requirements, they were more than happy for Simon to use his extensive design expertise and create a new concept.

Looking at the size of the room and taking in the couple’s design requirements, Simon created a contemporary downstairs toilet design, that included an installed shower with a bespoke triangular bench-built seat.

Opposite the seat was a modern WC and a circular basin that sat on top of a quartz worktop. Concluding the concept was a large mirror and radiator. Going through Simon’s design proposal the couple were more than happy with the concept he had come up with.

Simon behind the design – Mr. and Mrs. Carrie had a unique vision in mind and were very clear about what they wanted for the cloakroom. So taking this in, and the space we had to work in, I created a bespoke design that met the requirements and was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Which they were delighted with. They wanted to make it stand out!

Simon then invited the couple to our Leeds Bathroom Showroom, where he would show them detailed CAD visuals of the proposed cloakroom, which would allow the couple to envision how their finished cloakroom would look.

During the showroom appointment, and delighted with the images, Simon guided them around the showroom to choose their final fittings and fixtures for the new cloakroom. Once they had made their choices, they placed an order with us.


Prior to the installation, the couple were introduced to Bathroom Surveyor Joe, who would liaise with them, and the fitter, throughout the project to ensure that it ran smoothly.

Our multi-skilled fitter Darren stripped out the existing cloakroom design and replaced it with an exquisite bespoke contemporary hybrid cloakroom.

As per the design, Darren created a bespoke white quartz bench with a black gloss finish that was fit in the corner of the room, providing a place for the users of the room to sit whilst using the shower. Next to the bench, matching the quartz finish, a black shower head was installed completing the shower area.

Opposite the bench and keeping in line with the colour scheme of the room was a custom-built unit that had the WC and basin as part of the installation. The unit was designed to hide the toilet cistern and conceal all the pipe work. On top of the black quartz worktop finish was a circular basin adding to the modern aesthetic of the design.

A large mirror was fit above the bespoke unit giving the room a larger feel to it, and to conclude the new design was a black radiator that further enhanced the downstairs toilet's beautiful modern black and white colour scheme.

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Senior Designer

Simon joined Passmore’s in the later part of 2017 following 20 successful years at interior design giants, Norwood Interiors, where he designed high quality kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms.

Starting his career at a young age Simon worked at a bathroom business in Huddersfield where he hand drew perspective design concepts having gained a HND qualification in interior design.

Working in and around the industry ever since, Simon now heads up the design and surveying team at Passmores. Working directly with the More Bathrooms & More Ability brands Simon's aim is to adopt a more collaborative approach making our ‘sales’ processes smoother and more efficient.

Bringing with him his years of experience, industry knowledge, natural design ability and creative flare Simon is also keen to keep a firm hand in designing and surveying projects for our domestic customers.

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