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Published: 18 January 2023


Mr. and Mrs. Nettleton were unhappy with their shower room. The existing shower had been built on a high step and consisted of a WC and basin. They wanted to explore their options of redesigning the shower room, making it low or level access.


The couple had come across More Bathrooms a few times, having seen us advertise in ‘On Your Doorstep magazine.’ and a result of a recommendation by their son-in-law who had visited our showroom previously. Confident in the service we could deliver Mr., and Mrs. Nettleton got in touch with us and booked a free design appointment

They were visited by Senior Designer Nigel. The three of them spent some time discussing their current problems with the existing design and the changes they want to make. The couple explained that they were unhappy as the shower had been built on a high step, which was their biggest concern for the long term.

Wanting a future-proof solution, the couple wanted to discuss their options of installing a low or level access shower and as part of the renovation conversation, they wanted to change the WC and basin, add more bathroom storage and, if possible, preserve the tiles they had, while making the best use of space.

Taking this information into account, Nigel suggested the installation bespoke wet room, along with new bathroom features and fixtures as part of the new design. Furthering Nigel’s suggestions he also mentioned a redesign of the layout as this would maximise the space, incorporate storage and achieve the future-proof bath design they wanted.

Happy with the suggestions and preliminary design, a second appointment at our Leeds Bathroom Showroom with Nigel was arranged. At the appointment, Nigel presented them with CAD images of the proposed design and assisted them around the showroom, to help them choose their bathroom finishing touches. Delighted with the process so far, they placed an order with us.

Bespoke Wet Room Installation

As part of our full bathroom design and fitted bathroom service Mr. and Mrs. Nettleton’s shower room was stripped out and transformed into a beautiful bespoke wet room, fit with modern bathroom features.

The newly fitted wet room was installed by our multi-skilled fitter Darren. As part of the wet room installation, Darren fit a modern glass flipper screen to help conceal the water within the wet area.

Adjacent to the shower install a half-height stud wall was built to conceal the pipework for the stunning wall-hung basin unit and comfort height WC. A Dark grey coloor scheme was a consistent feature throughout the wet room, which featured across the newly laid anti-slip vinyl flooring, as well as a tall wall-hung radiator. To add to the aesthetic of the wet room grey ceramic bathroom tiling was also installed.

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Senior Designer

Passmore’s second longest serving employee, Nigel has been with the company since 2001.

Nigel is a fully qualified Gas & Central Heating Engineer, who, before joining Passmore’s installed bathrooms and wet floor showers, using us as his supplier.

Nigel works directly with the MoreBathrooms and MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic home owner.

Nigel is also responsible for the Barnsley and Doncaster conurbation with regards to the public sector MoreAbility work. Managing relationships with the local council to deliver bespoke bathroom solutions for the elderly & disabled customer.

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