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Published: 22 March 2023

Mr. and Mrs. Maturano’s bathroom was renovated into a beautiful modern walk-in shower room installation as part of our full design and fit service.

Here is how we did it...


A tired family bathroom consisting of a bath WC, basin, and other bathroom features had become dated. The clients, Mr, and Mrs. Maturano were eager to refurbish the bathroom design and set out to find a company that could manage the project for them.


Whilst browsing on the internet the couple wanted to find a reliable company that would listen to their needs and deliver a full service. They came across our reputable company More bathrooms and appreciated our service offering and were confident that we could fulfill their requirements and contacted us with a view to booking a free design appointment.

Visited by experienced Senior Designer Angela, the three of them sat down to discuss the reasons for wanting to change the bathroom. The couple explained that the existing design was dated, and they wanted to renovate it for a more modern design. As part of the conversation, Angela queried if Mr. and Mrs. Maturano had any ideas for the new concept.

Listening to the couple, they explained to Angela that they wanted to change their whole bathroom concept from a bath to a walk-in shower with glass doors. Fitting the walls and floor with new tiles was suggested, along with a new WC, radiator, and anti-slip vinyl flooring. They also wanted to retain the shelving that was next to the bath to be part of the new concept.

Although they gave their ideas, they were keen for Angela to provide her expert opinion on the new design concept given her experience in bathroom design.

Much to the couple’s delight, and after measuring the existing bathroom, Angela agreed that a walk-in shower would work within the available space, and she was also able to include the open-ended shelving they wanted to keep beside the shower.

The proposed design concept also included a new basin, a tall wall-hung radiator, new flooring, and tiles. The couple were undecided about which colour scheme they wanted to go ahead with, so Angela proposed a dominant grey, contrasting across different bathroom features.

Angela's thoughts on the design - ‘After listening to the couple and their ideas, I was able to incorporate their main requirements as part of the new design concept which worked perfectly and made the shower width wider. For the colour scheme I thought contrast grey would work well for the new design and was delighted they liked it. The dark radiator we went for was a better option than chrome as it gives off more heat.’

With the new bathroom design concept agreed upon, Angela invited them for a second appointment at our Harrogate Bathroom Showroom. , where the couple would be presented with CAD images, and a detailed quote.

During the appointment, Angela presented Mr. and Mrs. Maturano with detailed CAD visuals of the new bathroom concept, which they were pleased with,she then helped them around the showroom to make their final choices for their bathroom finishing touches to complete the bathroom. Thrilled by the entire experience the couple placed an order with us.

Mr and Mrs Maturano commented - 'The showroom experience was great. The help from Angela in picking our final choices was seamless and the final design was better than we could’ve expected.'

Walk-In Shower Refurbishment | York | More Bathrooms

Before the installation of the bathroom, the couple were introduced to project surveyor Joe who carried out the installation survey and would later liaise with the fitter in while the works were ongoing.

Delivering complete piece of mind, Mr. and Mrs. Maturano’s tired bathroom was completely stripped out and renovated into a beautiful modern walk-in shower room installed by our talented multi-skilled fitter Phil as part of our full design and fit service.

The bath was taken out and replaced by a large walk-in shower providing the family with more showering space, with a glass screen installed to help conceal water within the allocated area. Stunning patterned porcelain grey-featured tiling were also fit as part of the shower install.

A new white basin was fit opposite the custom-built shelving which was retained as per the couple’s wishes. A concealed boxing consisting of the WC was fit to hide all the pipe works and to ensure the aesthetic beauty of the bathroom. Finishing the bathroom installation stunning grey porcelain tiles were fit keeping to the dominant grey colour scheme

Mr. and Mrs. Maturano were delighted with the new bathroom concept, they got exactly what they wanted in design and service offering, with the installation aspect of the project providing them with complete peace of mind.

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