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All good things come in small packages…

14 January 2016

As the saying goes; all good things come in small packages and your cloakroom is no different. Having a downstairs wash room, WC or cloakroom facility is a modern day must have but how can you make the most of the smallest room in the home? Well if you stick with us we’re about to tell you in just 4 easy steps…

Firstly; we recommend keeping things off the floor. In fact the more floor space you can see the better as this will help give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Wall hung corner fixtures; toilets & basins, are great at creating space and are typically smaller than full units.

Secondly; keep it light. Decoration, lighting, tiling and mirror usage will also help elevate the room, opening it up to its surroundings. Pale colours; white, creams, sky blues, baby pinks, beige etc. will help bounce light around the room (mirrors are great at this too!) making it appear bigger and airier.

Thirdly; keep it concise. It can be tempting to store unwanted items in downstairs WC’s however the old philosophy of ‘out of sight out of mind’ should not be applied here! Vacuums, dryers, coats, ironing boards & boots are all common culprits that can be located in many a cloakroom but don’t let this be the case for yours!

Finally; make it fun. There’s not an awful lot you can do in this room due to its size so why not make the most of this refurbishment and go a little wild. Unique, quirky fixtures work great in cloakrooms! Aside from taking concentration away from its size it will create a real talking point with anyone who uses it. The cloakroom is the only room in the home that can dare to be different. It’s perfectly acceptable to go ‘off trend’ in this room meaning chosen designs and decorations don’t have to sit with the rest of the home.

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