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Published: 25 January 2019 · Last Updated: 6 October 2023

The downstairs toilet doesn’t get as much love (design-wise) if you were to compare that to other rooms in the house, right?

But maybe it should?

Particularly because it is the toilet option that everyone uses when they visit your home.

So, what if we told you we have an abundance of ideas that are practical, creative, transformational, and simple for your downstairs toilet?

What is a downstairs toilet

A downstairs toilet is extremely convenient for a big family or if you have friends who visit often providing them with another toilet option, typically located on the ground floor you’re never too far from the fun. We will also be providing you with our top 10 downstairs toilet ideas that we think you should consider and completely transform the bland design into a welcoming, peaceful cloakroom.

Top 10 downstairs toilet ideas

1. Minimalist zen retreat

Probably the best starting point is to choose which type of style is going in the cloakroom. Our first idea has minimalists in mind.

To truly achieve a minimalist result, keep the design simple and clutter-free. Consider neutral colours such as beige, grey, and brown and create that calming and comfortable atmosphere. To further enhance a peaceful aura, we suggest you choose soft lighting.

Concluding this idea, adding natural materials such as wood and stone would help achieve the overall minimalist zen design for your downstairs toilet.

2. Nature-Inspired Oasis

Continuing with style, create a natural earthly environment for your downstairs toilet design by covering the walls with botanical wallpaper.

Synchronise nature-inspired wallpaper with a refreshing indoor plant, to give you some ideas of some of the more popular ones:

> Aloe vera

> Spider plant

> Fiddle-leaf plant

3. Mirror magic

Every toilet needs a mirror, doesn’t it? A downstairs toilet is no different. Increase the visual appeal of your cloakroom with the installation of a large mirror, that could come in an interesting shape or intricate frame, with hints of decorative details. This also creates an illusion that the space is bigger than it is.

4. Artistic tile showcase

If wallpaper doesn’t appeal to you then there’s an alternative and in this case, this is for the ones who are fans of tiles. Some of our favourites include mosaic-patterned tiling that can be used both for the wall and floor.

Other options include Moroccan-inspired patterns or hand-painted ceramic tiles. Just like the mosaic tiling all these options can help make your cloakroom more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Vintage glamour

We’ve been through nature and minimalist enthusiasts' ideas, and now we move on to those who love vintage design.

Achieve a vintage downstairs toilet design by installing a light fixture crystal chandelier and to go along with that is an antique vanity which would further enhance the nostalgic concept.

6. Playful pop of colour

We are turning our focus to colours now. If you want to be creative for a vibrant atmosphere. Going for bold colours such as yellow and turquoise could help you on your way to creating that lively atmosphere. These vibrant colours could be used for the accessories of the downstairs toilet adding to the vibrant look of the toilet.

7. Monochromatic sophistication

Create a monochromatic colour scheme for your downstairs toilet for a sleek and sophisticated look. To do this you have to use varying shades of the same colour. For example, if you were to choose the colour grey you can establish depth and interest.

8. Futuristic technology integration

We couldn’t complete our top 10 ideas without giving consideration to technology. There are a multitude of ways to create a cutting-edge high-tech experience, even if it is just for your downstairs toilet.

Consider installing motion-activated faucets. They’re hugely beneficial for several reasons, one that many of you’ll like is that they conserve water, saving you pennies on your water bill, and are super useful for those who forget to turn the faucet off. Germs and bacteria are everywhere and on traditional faucets they’re certainly filled with them, installing touchless faucets certainly reduces this.

9. Gallery wall showcase

This idea is to add personality, and interest and funnily enough a potential conversation-starting element to the often-overlooked downstairs toilet.

To truly capture interest, create a captivating visual display, by turning the walls of your downstairs toilet into a gallery wall. Of course, you want a few ideas to go with that.

Hang a mixture of eclectic framed artwork, photographs, and even vintage mirrors to truly achieve your showcase and give insight into your inspirations and personality.

10. Scandinavian simplicity

Concluding our top 10 designs we thought of being as simple as we could be (Who doesn’t love a bit of simplicity?) It brings clarity and elegance and a brings a sense of calm and focus on what truly matters.

This is exactly what the Scandinavian design brings to your downstairs toilet. Embrace the elegant design by incorporating white or light colours for the clean or minimalistic fixtures that you add to your cloakroom design. To increase the simplicity of the design, opt for natural materials such as light wood and sleek surfaces as well as touches of warmth by fitting cosy textiles and soft lighting for a serene and inviting space.

And those are our top 10 downstairs toilet ideas that offer a diverse range of possibilities to elevate the often neglected.

Whether you lean towards minimalist tranquility, nature-inspired aesthetics, vintage glamour, or vibrant pops of colour, there's a design concept to suit every taste.

If you're eager to embark on this transformation, at More Bathrooms we specialise in turning these visions into reality as part of our comprehensive design and fit service. Book a free design appointment today. Let's make your downstairs toilet a place you'll be proud to showcase and enjoy.


How can I maximise space in a small downstairs toilet?

A question that many people often ask. To maximise space in your cloakroom, you should give consideration to space-saving fixtures such as corner sinks, wall-mounted toilets, and even possibly installing shelves or storage units that utilise the toilet space vertically. The simplest one of all to maximise your space is to keep the space clutter-free and organised and get the feeling of openness.

What are some cost-effective ways to update a downstairs toilet?

Some simple and cost-effective ways of updating your downstairs toilet are by painting the walls or adding wallpaper to your design, for a refreshed look. You could look to replace hardware such as faucets or cabinet handles and even update lighting fixtures to give a modern touch. Adding decorative elements like plants or artwork will make significant impact without breaking the bank.

What design considerations should I keep in mind for a downstairs toilet?

When you’re thinking of designing your downstairs toilet. It is important you consider the overall style and theme of your home. Next, you choose your materials, colours and fixtures that complement the space and overall concept. Most importantly you should ensure proper ventilation for the space and the durability and functionality are long-term to ensure satisfaction.

How can I make my downstairs toilet more eco-friendly?

There are numerous ways you could make your downstairs toilet eco-friendly. Some of the suggestions that are available to you are low-flow or dual flush toilets helping to conserve water. Another option available to you is energy-efficient LED lighting.

What are some practical storage options for a downstairs toilet?

The cloakroom is usually limited for space. So, we have to be quite clever when we want to incorporate storage as part of the design. Some of the more practical storage solutions that are available are wall-mounted shelves or cabinet installations that will allow room for toiletries and extra- toilet paper.

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