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Published: 13 May 2021

A great option for busy families, Jack and Jill ensuites create a shared bathroom space that can be used by more than one member of your household.

If you’re wondering whether a Jack and Jill bathroom would work in your home, this article breaks down what a Jack and Jill bathroom is and the benefits of a Jack and Jill bathroom.

What is included in a Jack and Jill bathroom?

Designed for use by more than one person, a common characteristic of a Jack and Jill bathroom is to have two basins, allowing users to complete bathroom activities that require less privacy such as brushing your teeth or washing your hands at the same time.

They also tend to consist of a WC and or bath and shower, that will be used when using the bathroom alone.

What is a Jack and Jill ensuite?

Connected to two separate bedrooms, Jack and Jill en-suites, also known as Jack and Jill bathrooms, consist of two entrances, making the suite easily accessible by either bedroom.

What are the benefits of a Jack and Jill bathroom?

There are several benefits of a Jack and Jill bathroom, particularly for family homes. We’ve listed the main ones below:

Suite share

Instead of battling over who gets the bedroom with the ensuite attached, Jack and Jill bathrooms have the ability to service both rooms, creating easy access whenever needed. If you’re concerned about privacy, both the bathroom and bedroom can be locked from the inside and out.


To help avoid those morning bathroom queues, the double basin option within a Jack and Jill bathroom means no more waiting around for a family member to finish using the basin. This is also particularly practical with our new hand-washing requirements.

Better use of space

If you do have a busy bathroom - before considering installing a second bathroom or cloakroom, you may be able to save space within your home floor plan and or use a spare room for different use byconverting your current suite into a Jack and Jill bathroom. These small adaptations may also help you save money off the cost of a full refurb.

What are the drawbacks of a Jack and Jill bathroom?

Although there are many benefits of a Jack and Jill bathroom you will need to also consider the following:

Dual locks

Due to the open accessibility of Jack and Jill bathrooms, you will need to install locks on both of the doors, both in and outside the bathroom. Forgetting to lock both doors whilst using the loo can lead to an embarrassing moment if another member of the household doesn’t know the bathroom is in use.

Bedroom Entry

If a Jack and Jill bathroom is the only bathroom that can be used in your home, any guests will have the pleasure of entering through your bedroom – this may be not so great if you like to keep your bedroom private.

Dual Sanitary ware

Although dual basins can help to save time when completing smaller bathroom tasks, if you have a very busy household with several members needing to use the shower or bath at the same time, a Jack and Jill bathroom won’t avoid the wait.

To find out more about the benefits of a Jack and Jill bathroom or gather further information on our full-service design of bathroom and shower rooms you can call us or book a free design appointment with one of our friendly senior designers.

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