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Published: 2 April 2019 · Last Updated: 21 June 2023

Many homes nowadays have the luxury of at least one bedroom having access to a private en-suite.

En-suite bathrooms allow you to access your own private sanctuary for you to relax and rejuvenate, alternatively freeing you from having to negotiate with the rest of the household for the main bathroom in the morning.

In this blog, our senior designers have revealed their top 10 tips for turning your en-suite into a luxury haven.

First off, what is an en-suite bathroom?

An en-suite is a private bathroom connected to a bedroom, and to access the en-suite is typically through the bedroom.

En-suites are usually smaller than the main house bathroom, with the user usually being the occupants of the bedroom. Depending on the layout of your house, you can sometimes find an en-suite that can be shared between two rooms, often being the central divide between the two.

Our top en-suite bathroom ideas

As we have previously mentioned, many homes in the UK have an en-suite bathroom. There are multiple reasons for their popularity. En-suite bathrooms increase efficiency, adding up to 5% in property value, privacy, accessibility, and more!

Unlike a bathroom that has multiple users, it has to meet in the middle to cater to their needs, requirements, and design appeal.

An en-suite is usually considering only two occupants and therefore you can incorporate a bit more of a personalised approach. Are you in a position of having an en-suite bathroom and looking for inspirational design ideas to add to the concept?

Below, we have provided you with numerous clever ideas you can make to really create the desired private haven en-suite bathroom you’ve been dreaming of:

1. Nature-Inspired Oasis

Are you a nature enthusiast? Then this first idea is really the one for you. You can create a tranquil-esque retreat by adding natural elements to your en-suite bathroom.

You could choose from materials like stone and wood complimented by a verdant living wall to enhance the organic ambiance of your en-suite design. To further evoke a peaceful environment, you can install a rainfall showerhead which will bring a calming essence of nature outdoors right inside your en suite.

With the items mentioned above you could also look to find the ones that are eco-friendly!

2. Smart Technology Integration

We can not get away from the world of technology. It is everywhere! Some would say so it should be with the many benefits that it brings and how it helps make our lives easier.

You can even enjoy your en-suite bathroom with smart technology integration. Every bathroom needs a mirror so no doubt fitting a smart mirror with built-in lighting and Bluetooth speaker features will make your en-suite bathroom feel futuristic and top of the range.

There are many more smart bathroom appliance integrations we can go through that you can incorporate as part of your en-suite bathroom. However, to name a few, you can look to include a programmable shower system, voice–activated controls for lighting, and temperature adjustments.

Ultimately smart technology is designed for efficiency, ease of use, and saving money.

3. Spa-Inspired Shower

A spa treatment is needed every now and again, some dream of an everyday pampering session.

Imagine creating your very own spa in your en-suite bathroom. If you’re going down that route of a spa-like concept, consider a luxurious shower to further enhance the tranquil sanctuary experience in your en-suite bathroom also consider adding stunning features like multiple shower heads, a body jet, and steam shower functionality.

Consider a built-in shower seating for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation all in your en-suite bathroom.

4. Statement Bathtub

Predominantly, the majority of en-suite bathrooms have a shower installed, therefore consider making a bathtub inside your en-suite - something that is largely uncommon.

A shower isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for all sorts of reasons, and you could be an individual that enjoys a deeply relaxing soak after a long day’s work, or you may not enjoy the shower concept and prefer to sit down.

Nevertheless, the idea of a bathtub could be appealing to you. Depending on the size of your en-suite bathroom you can look to add a bathtub. Some of the bathtub additions you could consider include: a freestanding clawfoot tub, a modern sculptural design, or you could make your en-suite room stand out with an installation of concrete or copper baths.

5. Open Concept Shower

As you already know the shower is a popular feature in an en-suite bathroom and there are a variety of shower options available that could really resonate with you.

Create a spacious en-suite bathroom by incorporating an open shower. You can be creative with it by fitting a frameless glass enclosure.

Another option you have to create an open en–suite bathroom is to remove the barriers, and seamlessly blend it with the rest of the room, making it look bigger to the eye all while creating a striking look and modern style.

6. Boutique Hotel Elegance

Most hotels bring you a sense of luxury, usually minimalistic, and stand out with lavish features. You can infuse your en-suite bathroom with an ambiance of a boutique hotel.

Contemplate adding a standout chandelier, or a statement mirror to really give your en-suite that hotel boutique-like experience.

If you’d like extra elegant features in your en-suite you can also look to consider a vanity unit for a sophisticated atmosphere.

7. Creative Lighting Solutions

Lighting is huge in every room. It sets the mood and is a pillar of the personality of a room.

The same can be said for an en-suite bathroom, and you can get creative with your lighting as there are multiple options for you to choose from.

You could look to install dimmable LED lights around your en-suite bath features like your mirrors and vanity areas, or you could incorporate backlit shelves or niches and even statement pendant lights to enhance your en-suite bathroom personality.

8. Sustainable Design

As previously mentioned in this article, there are en-suite bathroom features that could promote your space to increase its eco-friendliness.

However, have you ever thought of fully embracing a sustainable eco-friendly en-suite bathroom design? Alongside eco-friendly features like water-saving fixtures, you could try to utilise reclaimed or recycled materials.

To name a few you could use reclaimed wood for shelving or flooring to add warmth and character. Other options to consider are recycled ceramic, and porcelain tiles and to finish consider low-VOC paints for a sustainable and environmentally conscious en-suite bathroom space.

9. Zen - Inspired Minimalism

Zen-inspired rooms are on the rise with many wanting to increase their usage of natural materials, clean lines, and neutral colours, all of which can be incorporated into your en-suite bathroom.

You can even opt for a Japanese soaking tub and a minimalist vanity unit to achieve the zen-inspired en-suite bathroom.

10. Rustic Chic Charm

Back to design, most en-suite bathroom designs are contemporary.

You could be someone who likes to mix and match designs and add a bit of a twist by adding a rustic charm to your bathroom, with features such as exposed wooden beams or farmhouse-style vanity units for a warm and inviting space.

Can we help create an en-suite you can love?

While we have provided 10 ideas of inspiration, the truth is you can look to mix and match these ideas to achieve a unique look for your en-suite bathroom.

At More Bathrooms, we’re experts in all aspects of bathroom design and installation. Managing the entire project from start to finish, if you’re wanting to make an en-suite bathroom, then call a friendly member of our team today or book a free design appointment with us today.

Similarly, though, if you’re not convinced after this that the en-suite bathroom design is the right choice for you, you’ll find more inspiration with our shower room inspiration and bathroom blogs.


How can I maximise space in a small en-suite bathroom?

There are numerous ways to maximise your small ensuite bathroom space. To name a few you could consider utilising space-saving fixtures and storage solutions. Another clever trick is opting for a compact vanity or a wall-mounted sink and other floating shelves for storage.

What are some popular en-suite bathroom design styles?

When it comes to en-suite bathroom design styles, there are many to choose from, however, you can even have the choice of mixing and matching styles. Popular design styles include a modern minimalist farmhouse, or a rustic, contemporary, sleek, traditional classic, and spa-inspired design. Each design offers its own unique aesthetic and can be adapted to suit the individual’s taste and preferences.

How can I create a cohesive design between the en-suite bathroom and the adjoining bedroom?

To achieve a cohesive design synergy between your bedroom and en-suite, carrying similar design elements such as colour schemes, materials, and even architectural details, creates a harmonious flow between the spaces.


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